Organizations change and grow, and a good corporate university has to keep pace and stay aligned. Re-engineering applies to existing corporate universities as they define new strategies, different approaches, and dynamic products and services to stay current and even cutting-edge.

Part of sitting on the cutting-edge involves benchmarking your own corporate university with others. Learning and development awards provide insightful platforms to check the strength of your own approaches with industry trends and best practices. Another part of sitting on the cutting-edge is a continued forward-looking focus to deliberately plan for the future, strategically and proactively.

CUE supports corporate universities with awards and on-going strategic planning:




  • Preparation of applications for learning and development industry awards
    • Training Magazine's Top 125
    • CLO Magazine's LearningElite
    • Bersin & Associates

Strategic Plan

  • Development of on-going strategic plans for continuously growing and sophisticating the corporate university
  • Includes facilitation of working sessions with internal stakeholders and design teams