After launch, a good corporate university progressively implements more content, different programs, new technologies. It continues to expand until the full vision articulated in the Business Plan is realized, flexing dynamically as the organization continues to grow and change.

For corporate universities that have made it through their initial launch, CUE provides a series of services that address the on-going sophistication of the corporate university. Services range from support on targeted initiatives-such as deepening the influence of the governing groups or selecting a new learning management system-to instructional design to development of standard operating procedures:



Workstream Management

  • Project planning and management and contributions to the development of solutions associated with workstreams associated with implementing new initiatives associated with the first phase of the corporate university
  • Workstream examples include, but are not limited to:
    • Engagement and development of SMEs
    • Evaluation planning and implementation
    • Development of instructional design capabilities
    • LMS selection, installation, and configuration
    • Existing content sorting, cataloging, and consolidation
    • Governing group engagement

Instructional Design

  • Design and development of signature learning and development solutions to be implemented during the first phase of the corporate university

Standard Operating Procedures

  • Development of process maps, work instructions, and RACI allocations for all procedures related to the smooth operation of the corporate university
  • Involves multiple working sessions with internal teams