Business Case and Mental Model

The Business Case and Mental Model are building blocks to a successful corporate university design. Part of the Planning Stage, these two elements articulate the reasons for changing the approach to learning and development and depict an early, conceptual model for what the future state of learning and development should be.

The Business Case focuses on the current state of learning and development to identify positive and challenging characteristics and rationalize the business reasons for exploring a different approach.

The Mental Model capitalizes on the findings from the current state analysis to form one, cohesive, conceptual framework for the future state of learning and development. The Mental Model does not define every detail; it establishes a shared framework, or strawman, to build understanding and support for the same envisioned future state. Components of a strong Mental Model address the strategic foundation of the corporate university, including:

CUE offers two services to support the developed of the Business Case and Mental Model:



SWOT Analysis of Current State

  • Analysis of the Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats to the current learning and development approach
  • Includes data collection, data interpretation, and reporting
  • Establishes the rationale, with key targets, for defining a different approach to learning and development

Mental Model for the Corporate University

  • Development of the strategic, conceptual model for the envisioned corporate university including the vision, mission, goals, objectives, structure, curriculum focus, and expected outcomes
  • Includes a working session with key stakeholders or internal design team