Sample Projects

The sample projects listed below each correspond to a specific service area. For additional information about the service areas, please see the service area of the website.

Business Case and Mental Model - SWOT Analysis

In 2013, CUE was engaged to assess the current state of a corporate university that was celebrating its 5-year anniversary.  Their corporate university serves all learning and development needs across the company to ensure a ready a pipeline of talented employees who are positioned and developed to take on stretch roles and new responsibilities.  The company itself was experiencing some dramatic changes in its business—globalization and service expansion—which prompted the potential to adjust the corporate university’s scope and focus.  CUE gathered data about the current strategies, structure, governance, curriculum, operational infrastructure, and evaluation practices and provided an analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to their current state.  CUE also offered specific recommendations to address the top three findings from the analysis.  The corporate university is in the process of implementing those recommendations.

Business Case and Mental Model - Mental Model

CUE built a corporate university mental model for an organization embarking on an ambitious 25-year strategic plan.  One of four major components of the vision addressed learning and development for not only employees of the organization but also the community at large.  Previous approaches to learning and development were siloed and internally-focused.  The envisioned new approach would deepen the experience that internal employees would have with learning and provide enrichment opportunities to the community.  CUE helped this organization bring its vision to life with a shared mental model that ensured consistency and buy-in across the organization.  That mental model addressed the goals, content, governance, structure, operational requirements, and expected outcomes.  Efforts are currently underway to transform the mental model into a full business and operating plan. 

Business Plan - Business Plan

This client’s organization was facing three distinct challenges that impact the business:  rapid expansion, pending retirements, and competition for talent.  People development and talent management were particularly impacted by all three conditions.  The company explored the corporate university model and other solutions in a session with key leaders in early 2012.  From that session, leadership decided to form a corporate university that focuses on the alignment of learning with competency models and business strategies, consistency in the training that is provided to employees, and a career ladder that aligns with targeted learning paths.  CUE was again hired to support the development of the business plan and launch plan for the envisioned corporate university.  CUE worked with an internal core team and key leaders to from the blueprint for that corporate university that will officially launch in 2014.  Current work to implement the infrastructure necessary to support the corporate university is being addressed in 2013. 

Business Plan - Business Plan Critique

In 2013, CUE was hired to review and comment on a business case and emerging business plan for a new corporate university.  Envisioned to provide consolidate shared services in learning and development and to provide learning to several under-represented units, this corporate university is driven by globalization and other consolidation efforts in the company.  CUE critiqued the business case and emerging business plan and provided specific feedback to the core team.  The final plan was presented to executive leadership and is pending decisions to move forward with the approach. 

Launch Plan - Launch Plan

CUE worked with a large government organization in 2009 and 2010 to assess the current state of learning and development and build a case for providing a more seamless, organized, and unified approach for its 100,000+ professionals.  After creating the business plan for a corporate university positioned to provide that experience, CUE was hired to develop a launch plan that would incrementally implement the concepts and approaches defined in the business plan.  Due to the size of the organization, resource considerations, and budget challenges, CUE crafted a ten-year implementation plan that included progressive staffing changes, budget projections, change management approaches, and key milestones.  The organization is in the midst of executing that plan.

Implementation - Workstream Management

CUE has served as a long-term partner with a particular organization to lead, manage, and support various projects and initiatives that continue to sophisticate the company’s business school.  Since 2006, CUE has supported initiatives in measurement, instructional design, internal instructor certification, curriculum development, and performance consulting.  CUE has served both as a guide and a “pair of hands” to define and implement new learning and development approaches.  This relationship provides the client with expertise and capacity to continuously improve the way they build, deliver, manage, and evaluate learning and development. 

Implementation - Instructional Design

CUE served to support the development of the original business plan and launch plan for a global organization’s corporate university in 2011.  Conceived to address consistency, more and better access to quality learning, and richer experiences in learning, this corporate university launched globally with a new LMS and new learning content in June 2013.  As part of the launch, the corporate university deployed a series of new learning solutions electronically that are critically linked to company initiatives and approaches.  CUE was hired to provide instructional design support to build two of the new learning solutions.  Both were launched in June 2013, and both have been well received as signature solutions as part of the new corporate university learning experience.

Implementation - Standard Operating Procedures

In 2011, CUE was hired to help a recently merged training group define standards processes to build consistency, avoid redundancy, find economies of scale, and contain costs.  Circumstances in the company related to industry advances and pending retirements were prompting increased demands for learning and development.  Finding efficiencies through learning process improvement was critical.  CUE worked with the merged training group to define standard processes that clarified roles, responsibilities, handoffs, and interfaces to consistently meet the learning needs in the organization.  Targeted processes included content management, instructional design, scheduling, instructor certification, marketing and communications, logistics, needs assessment evaluation, and reporting.  CUE developed the standard operating procedures, workflow diagrams, RACIs, and supporting templates to standardize each process.  The merged training function actively uses and continuously updates these base processes today.  They have become the foundation of a strong learning and development unit that handles the changing demands in their business. 

Re-engineering - Awards

CUE worked with a very large, global organization to develop its corporate university in 2009 and 2010.  As a result of this planning, the progressive implementation to integrate learning across the company occurred in 2011 and 2012.  That work culminated in the company’s first attempts to earn external recognition through learning and development awards.  The company targeted two specific award programs, and hired CUE to gather the information from internal sources and to write the applications for two prominent learning and development awards.  In that first year, the company earned significant recognitions from both awards in 2012.  Again earning recognition in 2013, the company has followed the protocol that CUE established for them and has re-applied to both awards.

Re-engineering - Strategic Plan

CUE served to architect the business plan and implementation plan for a company’s corporate university in 2005.  Launched that year, this corporate university has become an invaluable component of the company’s achievement of its strategies.  Each year, CUE facilitates strategic planning sessions with the corporate university core team, key leaders, and other stakeholders to ensure the corporate university’s continued alignment with the company’s strategies.