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Raphael Seligmann

Raphael Seligmann is an instructional designer and instructor with 30 years' experience. His recent client list includes Fortune 500 companies such as Capital One and Travelers, up-and-comers such as Code-X, and nonprofits such as Equality Virginia.

Raphael has led high-profile, high-impact instructional design projects. For one recent client, he reorganized analyst training, bringing over 1,000 course offerings in line with the company's competency model and development priorities. In the process, he identified gaps and filled them with new training in areas such as business etiquette and cross-cultural communication. For another client, he designed a computer-based onboarding program, which received an Editors' Pick award from Training Magazine and an internal award for excellence.

As a classroom instructor, Raphael has taught business people, soldiers, and full-time students in topics ranging from banking compliance to classical rhetoric. He is as comfortable in large-scale lecture or town hall formats as he is in one-to-one mentoring. A veteran teacher of English as a Second Language, he often coaches foreign-born executives. In the nonprofit realm, he has mentored disadvantaged schoolchildren for a dozen years and run an award-winning mentoring program.

He has a reputation for quickly grasping the processes, language, and aspirations of clients in diverse industries and using that knowledge to craft strategies finely attuned to each client's unique needs. In several cases, he has become so conversant with his clients' businesses that they entrust him to write up their programs for international awards and publication in peer-reviewed journals.

Raphael holds a PhD in English Literature from Brandeis University, a master's degree from Johns Hopkins, and a bachelor's degree from Cornell. An independent Shakespeare scholar, he has numerous publication credits, including an essay to be published by Oxford University Press in 2012. Before becoming a consultant in 2003, he was a communications manager at Media General and Anthem. He has also held editorial positions with the U.S. Military Academy and Cornell University Press, plus numerous faculty positions.